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Adrian Schnegg | 355 Book

posted by Amber Weaver October 25, 2017

Screen printing is all about the process, some artists prefer to be more experimental with their work, whilst others strive for the perfect line and composition that takes a while to get the hang of. Graphic designer Adrian Schnegg is quite the oposite. Having undergone an apprenticeship at a printing studio for four years before studying a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, silkscreen has always been an important part role for him as a designer.

Schnegg presents his thesis that he completed last year: ‘Errors in Print’. For two months Schnegg screen printed 355 black circles, the idea was to use the advantages of a manual printing method to experiment with effects, textures and marks. A circle shape printed on white paper, centred in the middle of each page was chosen as the format to create a sense of unity whilst still showcasing the differences in experimental processes.

The book makes a debut with misprints and goes on further to forced printing errors, such as printing(squeezing) with different materials, and ends with pressing the screen on paper. A quote from Schnegg states “this book shows the different possibilities in silkscreen with only one pattern and a clear progress of misprints. But they shouldn’t be seen as mistakes, more as the character of a printing method.”

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