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posted by Issy Reynolds-Logue November 30, 2016

Taking art out of the gallery space and displaying it in the public realm is something that makes Zebu, an artistic duo from Berlin, so exciting and unique. In doing this, Zebu is attempting to break down the barrier that has long existed between the art world and the general public. Art should be for everyone to enjoy, and Zebu perfectly prove this point by putting their work outside of traditional art spaces.


Zebu use bright, bold colours so that each image packs a huge visual punch. Their use of vibrant colours and abstracted figures lead to striking pieces of art in surprising places. You could be walking through the streets of Berlin, or using the toilets in a club when you come across Zebu’s work. Being both surreal and abstract, it takes a minute to work out what exactly it is that you are looking at when confronted with one of Zebu’s images. Their fun designs have the ability to bring humour and playfulness to our otherwise mundane daily lives.

zebu_02 zebu_03 zebu_04

Zebu recently took part in Localize Festival in Potsdam, taking over the front of a disused building with one of their murals.


Zebu’s images can be political, drawing on current global issues. They have created work that comments on Brexit, the recent attacks in Nice and Orlando, and the Panama Papers scandal. The politically charged pieces are often created in solidarity with a particular cause and prompt us all to stay in tune with the issues faced by the world today.


Alongside their painted murals, the duo use a variety of techniques, making screen prints, drawings, zines and t-shirts that never get boring to look at. Zebu and their images don’t take themselves too seriously and the result is an absurdly fun body of work.

zebu_07 zebu_09 zebu_14 zebu_15

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