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PANTA – Issue 12

posted by Amber Weaver January 7, 2018

Reaching new glorious heights in the magazine domain is bi-annual print magazine, PANTA. Published by Book a Street Artist, this publication celebrates the independent creative cultures across the globe. Now on it’s 12th issue, PANTA tackles the idea of how artists attempt to grab the attention of their viewers in todays intensely busy society, and furthermore, bringing a curated collection of inspiring works ranging from design to fashion, illustration and many other mediums.

The twelfth issue, which is only the third issue with a print run, was officially launched in October 2017. This particular issue has two different covers, one from the photo series Free At Last by Peruivan-Dutch artist Sandra Zegarra Patow and the other from the series Island by American photographer Mark Hartman.

Within it’s full coloured, bright and beautiful pages, you can find art collective Boa Mistura, who spend time with local people to make sure their colourful murals are relevant to the community, and Macka B’s catchy cucumber song, which is already inspiring the next generation to put veggies in their lunchbox. Through this carefully considered sourcing of material, PANTA, and the creative content within each issue, has a truly inspiring and welcoming air to it, along with sparking vital, not to mention interesting conversations about our ever changing world.

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