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posted by Amber Weaver February 27, 2017

We’d like to introduce one of our newest vendors on Department Store: Ben Gore. Operating under the name Blue Monday Press, Gore is a illustrator and photographer based in Brighton, England. Today he presents his latest project, the Bootleg colouring book. Inspired by the cult cartoons of his youth, the book is a homage to classic and contemporary animation allowing him to play and experiment with artistic and illustrative techniques. The book features a range of characters and symbols from cartoons like: The Simpsons, Futurama, Rick and Morty, Looney Tunes, South Park and many more. The book is printed on high quality A4 paper with Gore also releasing a range of prints to accompany the book.

The Bootleg Colouring Book is available from Department Store along with some other fabulous items. More of Ben’s work can be seen on his website at

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