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posted by Amber Weaver March 23, 2017

Presenting Souk, a project that was born at the beginning of 2017. It’s purpose? To promote and sell Palestinian arts and handicrafts. Operating from Clapton & Ramallah, Souk works to deliver a unique selection of arts and handicrafts to the British market. Founder Salaheddin AbuEin shares her thoughts about Souk’s aims: “We aim to become the number one online marketplace that connects individuals, small and medium businesses directly with customers who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness behind each of our items.”

Works include pieces by Nabil Anani, Sliman Mansour, and other talented Palestinian fine artists. From post cards, to limited edition pieces, this collection exposes a different culture and way of seeing the world.

To help Souk get its all important exposure, we added their shop collection to Department Store. View a few of their products below or check out the full collection here..

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