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Laura Normand

posted by Alice Harrison September 5, 2016

Work hard, play hard is the ideology Laura Normand, the Parisian Graphic Designer implements into both her process and aesthetic, channeling her admiration for avant-gardism and desire to experiment into her creations. The dominant use of geometric form, experimenting with opacity via layering and clean two dimensional design are consistently apparent when subject to the instantly recognisable and playful aesthetic Normand maintains.


A perfect example of Normand’s sheer talent appears in the form of her latest creation for Stories Collective, the online platform which shares visual narratives by the most talented of industry creatives. Entitled De Stijl, referncing the abstract art movement channelling form and use of the primary palette, the latest addition beautifully infuses Normand’s iconic use of geometry, taking each detail into careful consideration as the art direction mesmerisingly compliments the final editorial design via both styling and colour palette.

Laura Normand4

Laura Normand9

Laura Normand10

Laura Normand12

Laura Normand13

Laura Normand14

Laura Normand15

Maintaining the joyous nature of Normand’s creations, 6 months in Amsterdam is a charming graphic interpretation of the weather of the Netherlands, showcasing further crisp cut edges and form as the feature, contrasting differing shapes and the vibrancy of colour palettes dependent on the season of the month, enhancing the adorability of the project once more.

Laura Normand28

Laura Normand1

Laura Normand29

Normand’s fictitous master projects sees the evoking of a higher level of sophistication in order to successfully channel the identity of La Samaritaine regarding the designing of their new identity for its reopening in 2040. Created by a multidisciplinary team, the neutral palette and statement typography evokes a certain sense of elegance while the personality of Normand’s designs are recognised through the intriguing use of print and pattern.


Laura Normand21






Laura Normand22

Other projects include; Dare to care, Super lekker and Off Guard, see more of Laura Normand’s impressive portfolio here.

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Laura Normand5

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