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Pawel Nolbert — ‘Constructed’

posted by Jade Connolly May 17, 2016

Polish illustrator, Pawel Nolbert’s travel photos are unlike any other. Exploring the human tendency of implicating our emotions onto our surroundings, Nolbert has distorted reality in a way that is bright, happy and uplifting.


Contemplating the street that you may walk down everyday, and that one piece of graffiti that is irritating and uninspiring – the next day it may appear bright and full of life. Nolbert’s series of mixed media photographs attempts to distort reality and emphasise how we never really remember things exactly how they happen; running with this idea, he did the happiest thing he possibly could with it.


Using photographs from his travels, Nolbert has created his own perfect reality – bright colours and beautifully placed blocks in an everyday landscape with a prominent lack of people. The ‘normal’ stills featuring graphical shapes and bold, brilliant pinks create a sort of oxymoronic dreamworld that we’d really like to be a part of.




Jade Connolly

Jade Connolly

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