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Dizzy Ink | Three Months On

posted by Alice Harrison October 10, 2016

With the conversation regarding the referendum still raw and the country torn, Nottingham based print, design and creative workshop studio, Dizzy Ink presents Three Months On, a compelling exhibition combining a series of workshops, curated submissions from both voting demographics and Dizzy Ink’s original designs. Channelling the beauty of hindsight, audiences are encouraged to voice their opinions surrounding the campaigns, the vote and the effects following the referendum Three Months On, through submissions which flow from an E-printer within the space, contributing to the evolving entity as the space develops over the duration of the exhibition as it perpetuates the debate.


Initially consuming the walls of Derby’s contemporary art space, QUAD, are transcribed speeches and campaign media showcased during the run up to the referendum, however, now stripped of their design influences and bias opinions, instead presented as one monochrome piece lining the entire staircase.


Dual colour Risograph prints of 150 different designs from submitting artists, and from the workshops conducted with both voting demographics, will be printed 100 times each and pasted to the wall as visitors are encouraged to physically cover specific parts of the campaign media with their chosen prints, silencing the words beneath and turning the table on the messages spewed to voters during the run up.


“The conversation is raw. It’s seriously interesting doing it in a city with massive support for the leave campaign yet doing it in an art space typically populated by remainers. During the install I had a few elderly gentlemen approach me and question the timing of this project but if anything the referendum was the beginning. We’re going to be living in uncertainty for along time and it’s important to reflect on the integrity of the campaigns.”

Craig Proud, Dizzy Ink.


Three Months On gives a purpose to the feelings harboured by all of us that felt affected by the referendum. Dizzy Ink have created an intriguing channel for us to express our emotions towards what has and is happening.


Over the course of the exhibition 15000 prints are free to take, with a wheat paste recipe and application instructions plastered on the reverse of each.


The deadline for submissions is November 5th 2016, you can contribute using Twitter handle @ThreeMonthsOn or for more information, see here.


Dizzy Ink was established by Risograph specialists Craig Proud and Benjamin Kay, renowned for their admiration for print and their experimental aesthetic, the duo have recently smashed their kickstarter campaign launching School of Print, in collaboration with illustrator Tom Camp and Cobden Place. Keep up to date with their latest work here.

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