Silken Favours

posted by Jade Connolly July 5, 2016

Taking cutesy and kitsch hand rendered prints, Silken Favours composes modern pieces of silk artwork to be worn, cuddled and treasured forever. Creative Director and Founder of Silken Favours, Vicki Murdoch takes a playful approach to her work, creating prints including illustrations of everything from kittens riding unicorns, to flying pigs. Using traditional pen and ink techniques yet portraying her ‘pretty yet trippy’ imagery, Murdoch’s work is simultaneously both otherworldly and reassuringly familiar.





Stocked in stores such as Liberty London, amongst over 20 others worldwide, Silken Favours’ produces read-to-wear garments, cushions, wallpaper and fabrics, all of which display Murdoch’s beautiful hand-drawn designs.

Jade Connolly

Jade Connolly

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