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Minchō | Redesign

posted by Alice Harrison October 12, 2016

With the aim to shine the light on the personal projects of those artists lying behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, poster art, children’s books, typography, the list continues, Minchō is the passionate publication spreading the latest trends in illustration. Through a beautiful array of statement graphics from those who have created the most significant icons of our time, Minchō acts as the exchange of glances between critics and artists regarding the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression.


The unveiling of issue 9 communicates the redesign of the publication, by Cristina Vila Nadal and Carlota Castells Puig, both responsible for the art direction of the previous 10 issues. With the Collectives and Collaborative experiences theme running throughout, the mesmerising cover created by Belgian artists Hell’O beautifully communicates a metaphor of the issue’s theme, celebrating the ideology “united we stand” in this time of personality conflicts and oversized egos.




The redesign comes two years after the first issue was published, shifting the focus to a more minimal aesthetic with plenty of white space, creating a compositional distance between image and text, allowing the reader to dwell on images singularly, without distraction. An enhanced consideration of typography is infused in order to best enhance the beauty of the illustrations.





Talented twosomes and creative collectives dominate the issue, with the work of illustration duos such as Zebu, Brosmind and Studio Tipi decorating the stark white pages along with collectives like Nous Vous, Royal Studio and OuBaPo, combining the unique aesthetic of each to produce an inviting publication celebrating the best in illustration and graphic design.





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