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Sabat Magazine | The Mother Issue

posted by Alice Harrison October 31, 2016

A fascinating combination of witchcraft, feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art radiates from the pages of cult magazine, Sabat. The publication seeks to explore the darker side of femininity through atmospheric photography and enigmatic context, infusing esoteric high fashion references through styling and art direction. Initially inspired by the #witchesofinstagram, Sabat Magazine is the result of the desire to participate further in the mysticore trend, producing an intriguing publication which beautifully embeds both a contemporary and conceptual take on witchcraft.


As the months turn colder and the evenings far darker, the biannual magazine unveils its second issue, with The Maiden as the first and now The Mother as the second. The Maiden focused specifically on the maiden archetype, defined further as the young female witches or women realising their powers in society while simultaneously finding their sexuality. The issue explores the prospects of latent energy and latent potential.



The Mother studies mother as creation and destruction, the ultimate and the relationship we have with our mothers in all its unsentimental glory, while straying from the flirtation of the 90s feel embedded within the previous issue, swapping the dominance of seduction for darkness. In turn the intelligent concept creates a multi-layered surface, which at first glance offers a joyous pastime and contemporary outlook on witchcraft but on a deeper level, empowers women to succumb to their more complex, darker urges.



Catering for both the witchy feminist community and the design conscious audience, Sabat entertains a cleverly conceptual aesthetic which subtly flirts with minimalism. The cover for The Mother issue offers the perfect first glance, spell-binding the reader as the varnished logo beckons a slight shimmer to suggest that Sabat needs to be entered to be discovered.



Channelling inspiration from 15th century engravings and the design elements of witch trial posters, Sabat is designed as more of a keepsake, a tactile object with a scent of the earth. Also, hidden gems such as the transforming motif printed on the edge of the pages as seen here, communicate further the fascinating consideration regarding Sabat’s unique design and highlight the enigmatic experience to be experienced inside.



Sabat Magazine consists of global effort, with Elisabeth Krohn acting as both editor and creative director, while art director, Cleber de Campos is situated in Brazil and contributors hail from the US. Tempted to join the coven? Buy the Mother issue here.


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