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Lina Forsgren | Salominka

posted by Alice Harrison December 18, 2016

An unconventional and fashion forward approach to furniture photography unfolds within Lina Forsgren’s photography, art direction and business card design for Vera Panichewskaja’s Graduate Project; Salominka. Defined as a furniture collection that explores colour, form, composition and spatiality, Forsgren exquisitely captures each aspect of Salominka through the considered composition of the visually stimulating imagery and dual impact concept, in turn evoking a contemporary and intelligent aesthetic.

Vivid in colour and abstract in form, Salominka, which translates as the Belarusian word for ‘a piece of straw’ pays homage to Vera Panichewskaja’s immaterial cultural heritage, thus is partly influenced by Russian folktales, art and literature. The mesmerising print adorning the collection is achieved using a decorative crafts technique, developed by Vera Panichewskaja herself.

The nature of the technique is an artistic interpretation of her background, an aim to preserve, interpret and develop historical craft techniques. Panichewskaja aims to immerse her techniques into the modern world, unifying them in a multicultural meeting while maintaining her personal aesthetic touch, undoubtedly achieved through Forsgren’s art directional interpretation of Panichewskaja’s project.

Lina Forsgren is a cross-disciplinary designer and art director based in Stockholm, predominantly delving into the topics of art direction, graphic design and typography while developing physical and digial design concepts for clients including Kungliga Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Art) and Svenska FN-förbundet (Swedish Untied Nations).

Be sure to keep up to date with both of Lina Forsgren and Vera Panichewskaja’s works by following the links below.

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