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posted by Alice Harrison August 26, 2016

Girls Girls Girls is the fictitious concept of the first issue of Arpen Magazine, a new publication delving into the topic of games from a usually overshadowed perspective; from that of females. The focus on female characters in video games and of course the celebration of the women behind the production is apparent while Girls Girls Girls also highlights through beautiful design the narratives embedded and looks specifically at games as tools for telling and engaging in other’s stories.


Unique concept and intelligent design fuel the creation of this first issue, with the use of percentage labels as contents references and tear out New Save labels which thus let you save your place in the magazine when used as a bookmark.





The pale pink dominates the colour palette while blue acts as the rich complimentary accent, perhaps in reference to the gender concept, further enforced with the face of Max Caufield from the game Life is Strange strikingly featured on the cover of the publication.




From Girls Girls Girls comes I Hate U, the second issue which covers the so called “GamerGate” and the issues with hateful language both on the internet and in gaming while the third issue Mind Meets Mind, studies empathy and the possibility of understanding other’s experiences through gaming.



Arpen Magazine is the product of Amanda Berglund, the Stockholm based graphic designer and illustrator studying at Konstfack. Berglund’s portfolio features an impressive array of brilliant design, from her beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier poster featuring pull off vernissage cards which reveal an entirely contrasting image underneath to original zines created in collaboration with Erik Kirtley.




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